Monday, April 19, 2010

last post

with a heavy heart i've decided this will be the last post for our blog. the decision has come during a difficult chapter for our family.
as most of you know, jim lost his job this time last year and immediately a job close to home was sought after. the search ended four months ago when the decision was made that a 9-5 weekly job would be taken over 800 miles from our home in chicago (yes we live in maryland).
i wish i could say this has been an easy transition for our family. for our marriage. i'm sure most of you can imagine the answer to that one. it has been an emotional roller coaster that simply has no end. the waves have ranged from overwhelmed, lonely, to recently bitterness and resentfulness.
our family would very much appreciate any thoughts and prayers and are thankful for each and everyone of you that has followed our stories and enjoyed the photos. i truly miss having the time each day to share them with you. however the plate is full, the load is heavy and i must give my children 100% of what i have left to give.
with much love, tara

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


embrace the weekend together....
embrace the hunt...
embrace your first sack hop:
embrace scoring lots of eggs:
embrace a little girl time:
embrace dropping your egg:
embrace time with daddy:
embrace bowling birthday parties:

embrace friends who wonder "what is that in your hair?"
embrace piggy toes:
embrace the fact your hair is getting lighter by the day:
embrace blue eyes and dimpled chins:
embrace siblings:

embrace your fear of 2 foot slides that your brother must take you down....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

photography props

before luciana was born, i bought (and bought and bought) photography props with hopes of capturing her teeny tiny newborn self thru my lens.
who am i kidding? i barely have time to make a bow for her these days.
i was recently asked by a local photographer if i would be interested in selling some of my girly finds. it was a hard decision. mostly because i know there will be no more tripoli newborns to photograph them in.

so today i decided, she might not be that itty bitty 6 lb. 3 oz. bebe that we brought home from the hospital any longer.....

but, she is my beautiful rolley polley girl. :) love the chub. and those lips.

then she woke up. and was wondering why....
she was next to the front door?
on the floor?
in a basket, and nearly naked?

because your mama loves you OHSOMUCH!!

she wanted to make a snack out of that ribbon blanket!

and look.... no headband!! luciana has just started sprouting enough strands for her very first clip. oh the sweetness.
i will probably still continue to use headbands for a while. i'm so afraid of her wanting to pull a bow or flower out and some locks too. ouch!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happpy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
Greyson was ready for preschool in his green this morning!
We can't wait to see you tomorrow Daddy!!!!

Luciana isn't worried about getting pinched.... she is requesting "kisses" not "pinches"

thought I'd share some from last month (since i'm only good at blogging on holidays lately.....) ha!

Greyson received lots of lovin' from his class this year!

Luciana's bff sophia had a valentine playdate party.....
our sweet little valentine!

Monday, February 22, 2010

our weekend

Our Great Dane Asher got a little trip to Tails n' Tubs this weekend for a much needed bath!

Once spring arrives he will get them via garden hose, which he will prefer! Picture take march 2007. Greyson was so tiny!
Jim and Greyson had their hands full, Asher was ready to get out of there!

Receiving the finishing touches, getting dried off by me.

While there we ran into Amy, Brooke & Bailey girl.

Brooke is almost done her treatments and will hopefully be returning to school soon! Greyson will be SO happy to have her in class again. He loves her so much!

Jim was busy this weekend. Besides bathing our pony :) he put together Luciana's new toy:

Baby girl loves her new fun go round!

This one cracks me up!
She was thanking her daddy here:

Just another weekend that went by way too fast...