Sunday, March 26, 2006

a quick little, hello!

did i leave you guys hanging from that last crazy post?! luckily -no more wild nights at walmart for us. but, i think we've probably made at least a half of dozen trips there, since our little fiasco. every week i promise that i'm only going to grocery shop ONCE.... and it never fails, walmart lures me in for something!! always end up with a bill twice the amount i thought it would be and three times the amount i had on my list!!!! :) does this happen at your house too?

anyway -just wanted to say hello, and post a current picture. sorry it's a little fuzzy! i will try to post some of our St. Patrick's Day pictures tomorrow. we had a fun day with all things green of course!! had a little playday at our house, lots of good food, and surprise green balloons from daddy!!

hope everyone had a great weekend! off to bed for me now!-tara

Thursday, March 16, 2006

what a night

no pictures on this post, believe me you wouldn't want any.
yesterday started as a normal day. i babysat jordyn and dana's little boy parker. greyson acted fine all day. played as normal. ate as normal. although he wouldn't take an afternoon nap for me.
after parker's daddy picked him up, and jordyn's mommy picked her up i decided to take a trip to walmart for a few things we needed around the house. i took greyson & grover along with me. greyson could have stayed home with jim but i figured we both had been home all day stuck inside (we are having some major wind around here). greyson acted fine on the 15 minute car ride, just a little tired since he had not had his usual afternoon nap.
here is where everything went downhill... as we walked into the store greyson started whining a bit. he was in the cart facing me. while still pushing the cart i bent down to kiss his forehead and whispered "don't worry baby, mommy just has to pick up a couple things". that's when i noticed he felt warm. really warm. we made it about 10 more steps, i'll never forget that spot in walmart... in front of the lotions and bubble bath, greyson looked up at me with a scared look on his face, reached up with his little arms, put his head against my stomach.... and just let it go! he continued to be violently sick for what seems like eternity, actually only 30 seconds or less. but he just couldn't stop getting sick, ALL over himself and me. i had managed to unbuckle him at this point and was holding him downward, frantically searching in my purse for my cell phone to call jim. of course, i had left it in the car. (lesson learned) luckily this extremely KIND lady with her little boy stopped, fell to her knees and started helping me take greyson's shirt and jeans off, then she ran and found about three employees for us. she was like an angel, just taking over at the minute i needed help. i am so grateful to her. she even let me use her cell phone to call jim, because the walmart employees had called an ambulance. they said it was their policy if anyone got sick or hurt in the store (especially a child) they had to call. they were wonderful too, giving me several new towels off the shelf to wrap my baby in. his socks and shoes were soaked too, leaving him only in a onesie. a few moments later the paramedics checked greyson's vital signs and everything was back to normal. he was even smiling at them.
daddy was there in minutes with greyson's favorite stuffed animal -his doggie. he kept him close the whole way home and continued to be himself smiling, talking, and laughing like nothing had ever happened.
after we arrived back home, i sat along side the tub watching greyson play and splash in the bath. the muscles in my back and shoulders were so tight, i'm assuming from tensing up so fast, it's amazing what stress can do to your body. i was just so glad to be back in the comforts of our home, with greyson safe and healthy again.
did anyone ever have an experience like this the first time your child got sick? were you as scared as i was? i felt like a new mom all over again.
greyson is 100% again and mommy & daddy have gained more parenting skills first hand.
wow -what a night!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

pemberton park

i meant to post these pictures yesterday... guess i'm only a day late! the past five days have been simply beautiful here. on sunday afternoon jim, greyson, grover, and myself took advantage of the weather and headed to a local park. it has a couple of wooden trails that run along our local river. everything is so quiet, peaceful, and serene there. greyson was taken in with nature's beauty for sure, using all his senses (especially touch with the pinecone) i didn't think he'd ever let that thing go! :) he loved the backpack, and being up high on daddy's shoulders. he kept patting jim, saying "back back". grover throughly enjoyed his time hiking the woods, sure beats an evening walk around the neighborhood! jim and i were just excited for another excuse to spend a family afternoon discovering something new with greyson.
does anyone have these type of local parks in your area? if so, you should take the next pretty day with your kids and enjoy the day too! you won't be sorry you did.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

warm weather, round 2

wow! we hit 60 degrees warm today! definitely looking forward to the weekend, it's going to be 70 degrees!! woo-hoo!! today was a great day. jordyn & greyson had oodles of fun outside with all the good stuff of spring: bats, balls, golf clubs, and of course new sidewalk chalk! by the way, that big ole' tub of chalk was suppose to be in greyson's Easter basket, but the bunny couldn't wait. tommorrow has bubbles in store!!

so nice having another taste of spring... almost here for good!