Saturday, April 16, 2005

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Just came across this pic of jim and i. smile. what a happy time this was in our lives. so many changes were about to take place, so much expectancy. the move into our new home and back to Salisbury, and the birth of greyson in a few months, the change into a new kind of family: daddy,mama,a new baby,two BIG crazy family. that is what makes us...US. and so from that thought i've decided to take a moment to ponder on what makes me...ME?

color: Robin's egg blue

style: traditional,cozy,classic

favorite book: I know this much is true by Wally Lamb(which reminds me that i really want to read that one again)

best dish: chicken saute with artichokes and mushrooms

best dessert: butterscotch egg pudding

bedtime: if it's a scrapnight... after midnight

outfit: capris, t-shirt, barefoot(with painted toes)

sound: the soft, sweet noises g makes as he is drifting off to sleep

sight: grover and asher sleeping beside each other on their bed

smell: one word.... GREYSON

word: uper(ie: uper cool)

wish: to watch a sunset on a hawaiian beach with jim (if i can ever bare to leave the little man)

what i crave: time, and chai tea.
and balance...between quiet & loud,old & new,black & white,up & down,hot & cold

surround me with: good friends,good food, and photos of greyson

I challenge you to make this same list of what makes you...YOU. go ahead!