Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

Tonight we started some very special family Christmas Eve traditions. We all three took an afternoon nap (much needed by mommy & greyson), while daddy caught bits of the football game. This evening we went to the Christmas Eve service at church. It was such a peaceful feeling, the warm glow of the candles and signing many beloved carols. After we came home, we baked cookies for Santa. Sugar cookies and chocoalate chip. Greyson helped mommy & daddy with the icing and sprinkles... our little monster loves cookies!! Before bed daddy read us the Christmas Story. There's nothing better than having your loved ones close and making memories during the holidays. I cherish mine.
Greetings! Can you believe Christmas is almost here? We have been so busy around here. Wrapping, baking, sending Christmas cards, decorating.... definitely looking forward to tomorrow. We will be celebrating Greyson's first Christmas, relaxing and just kicking back in our new house. So exciting! We can't wait to watch our baby boy experience Christmas morning. Discovering his stocking, and opening the gifts. If i know Greyson, he will be all about the tissue paper, bows, and boxes!!! Just looking forward to a nice relaxing quiet day. Lighting the fire, eating lots of good food, and watching our little man explore and play with all the new toys. Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy your day with friends, family, and good food!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

first santa visit

our little munchkin, sitting on santa's lap for the first time! -and you know what? he did amazing! we were so proud. no cries, no tears, no faces of horror. he did look up at the jolly dude in red and touch his beard a time or two though. actually, i was glad for more than one reason that greyson didn't cry... it was the end of the night for "santa" and i don't really think he was in the mood for an uncooperative baby. can't you tell by the look on his face? it's saying, come on already, i've got places to go. lol! another thing about our picture, don't you think all that red is a bit of an overkill? thank goodness i didn't dress greyson in a red sweater! all in all, the visit went great. i think our litte g-man told santa that he wanted a rocking horse, and i think that he just might get his wish!!

hey- i'm just thankful that our picture didn't turn out like the one below! isn't that a stitch? :)

have you taken your children to visit santa yet? if so, post a picture on your blog -i'd love to see!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

NYC pictures

I forgot to post a couple ones from our trip to New York City, last weekend. Greyson had a blast and *loved* seeing all the lights, sights, & sounds of the city (quite a change from little old salisbury, md). :) As soon as we arrived we headed for the tree in Rockefeller center! The next day we took g-man to a children's art museum, so cool!! -even for a 10 month old! We can't wait to go back for a visit in the spring!

tis' the make a MESS

our little mess maker in full swing! :)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Friday!

I can't believe the weekend is here once again! where do the days go? Sorry I haven't updated my blog all week. Last weekend was very full for us, and very special. Greyson's grandma & papa came for a visit from chicago, and greyson was dedicated at church. The service was so special, and it was a wonderful way to gather alot of friends and family to join in for the celebration.

This is a picture from the dedication, it is of Greyson, my mom (greyson's nana), and myself. Look at his smile! He was totally faking it! lol!

If you know his smile, it certainly doesn't look like that. a half hearted smile. nope! Our boy does the full body, full face smile. He actually smiles with his eyes. Evidence below. i guess a mama is kind of partial though.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas cards

hello and an early Merry Christmas from the Tripoli's here in Maryland. I'm almost done making our annual christmas card, so i thought i'd post last years card to get myself inspired to finish the ones i'm working on!! making your own card (especially 85) is alot of work. i mean alot of work! but... i wouldn't have it any other way. not a single year. this is our seventh christmas together and this is also our seventh christmas card. i am SOO glad that i started this tradition. i am so glad that jim didn't think i was nuts for wanting to send homemade cards with our picture to over 70 people!( even though we had only dated for eight months) as you can imagine my friends and family knew that year, that jim was the one. so here i am once again carrying on the tradition. only this year we have a little addition. greyson. of course he is the focus of our card. but- he is not the focus of our holiday. we know and truly hope you know the reason for the season too, that Jesus Christ was born to save us and offer us eternal life with him. please take a moment to embrace that. remember that sweet baby in the manger.

enjoy your holiday traditions too with your loved ones. take a minute and share one of your favorites.