Friday, June 16, 2006

the rare double post

i found this on another blog, and had to try it too. if anyone wants to follow, leave me a note so i can check it out!

i am: sometimes a bit of an introvert
i want: to raise thoughtful, secure, happy children
i have: more blessings than i can count
i wish: to spend eternity in heaven with my family & friends
i hate: when someone talks over you
i miss: growing up on a farm
i hear: little breaths over the baby monitor
i wonder: if i'll ever become half the perfection that i strive to be
i regret: not making amends in my life
i am not: capable of doing one thing at a time, i must multi task
i dance: to the backyardigans with greyson
i sing: l-o-u-d in my car
i cry: when i look back over greyson's photos
i am not always: on time.... actually i'm rarely on time (awful, i know)
i make with my hands: scrapbook pages to capture our memories
i journal: as to never forget the innocence of my child
i confuse: my priorities in life sometimes
i need: to stay better connected with old friends
i should: get off this computer and exercise
i start: my day with coffee and lots of cream & sugar
i finish: phone calls to my dad with i love you

Thursday, June 15, 2006

two days ago

around 10am, i stood at my kitchen sink washing the leftover breakfast dishes, when i heard a scream from the next room. a scream, like i've never heard before. the scream was from my baby's mouth. i knew that before i started running toward the family room. i found greyson sitting on the hearth of our fireplace with a look of terror on his face. his hand was extended toward me. i scooped up his little body with one movement and found burns on two of his tiny fingers. the pad of his middle finger was almost completely white. i've never seen skin turn white from a burn, until now. at this point i'm completely clueless as to how this happened, because it's JUNE!!! obviously our fireplace wasn't on and there are no candles burning anywhere. there is no fire or flames in our house, so can someone please tell me why my precious angel is enduring pain that he shouldn't have to know exists. but, there is no time for questions. i have to think, act, and remain calm. definitely easier said than done when you're home alone with two children under the age of three, and your entire life in ONE brief second is being held hostage by a tragedy.
next, with greyson in my arms i run back to my kitchen sink and hold his hand under the cold water, as he fights me. he fought hard, and i fought tears.
next, i manage to call our pediatrician office. i felt completely stupid explaining that "i think" my toddler has been burned. who says "i think my child has been burned?" i felt about an inch tall. after some brief questions, they assure me that it will be fine to go to our med. center instead of our hospital's emergency room. i hung up and called jim. he was working out, but immediately dropped everything and was home within 15 minutes. during that time, i keep jordyn calm and held a cool cloth on the burn. as i'm sitting in the family room, i look over one more time at the fireplace... and i see it. a small bluish orange glow coming from under the logs. the same light that caught greyson's attention probably for the first time in his little life. it is the pilot light from our gas fireplace. and there is an opening between the logs, just big enough for one tiny fist. on tuesday morning it happened to be greyson's.
the med center was beyond wonderful. greyson did suffer second degree burns, but amazingly enough it has not slowed him down one minute. not through the bandage changes, not at all. the doctor called him a little trooper. we agree.
i know there was a hand upon greyson two days ago, it just breaks my heart in a million pieces thinking how much worst it could had been.
so to anyone reading this post with small children, i beg of you to check your pilot light on your gas fireplace and turn it OFF until you need it. i wish we had sooner.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

somebody is in trouble

somebody named grover, who happens to be hiding under the table....


they were greyson's favorite pair of sandals!! ok- maybe they were mommy's favorite. arrghhh!!!!

on a happier note, here's the munchkin chowing down (yeah!!!!)

notice the shoes? they were nice...
hope everyone had a great weekend!! are you guys ready to start another week? me neither.