Saturday, November 26, 2005

in the blink of an eye

One year ago...

and today.... curious, dancing, learning patience, our happy little man. it feels like it was just
yesterday when that picture was taken. my hands "holding" you through my belly. trying to
imagine what your sweet voice would sound like? who that sweet face would look like? all the
while you were safe and protected. i know that someday i will look back on this photo of you at
ten months old, and feel like it was an eternity ago.... or else i will feel like it was just yesterday.
that smile... that personality... that zest for life... for anything that is new. i want to take it all
in... hug you... smile at your silliness... laugh at your antics and ENJOY you as you are right now
-right now in this moment in time. because it really does go by so fast... in the blink of an eye.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

three little turkeys

Just a little turkey art this morning. The boys surprising didn't mind their new "hats" :) Parker came over to play with Jordyn and Greyson a few hours this morning and this is what we did!! Jordyn just loves to make any kind of art project. -makes me so happy to see her love of crafts, paper, COLOR!!! hoping little g-man will develop an interest in art too! I can't wait to buy him his first art easel. creativity and imagination is so important in children and what better way to let them express it than with some good old paint or glue!!

So that brings me to my challenge to anyone reading this out there. When is the last time you created something? for yourself. for someone else. for fun. go ahead -make something with your hands today, then update us on your blog! can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

weekly update

greyson: lookin' sharp, with a little less hair.... YUP! Our little dude got his first haircut today. well that is, after a brief melt down, a few tears, mommy's lap vs. daddy's, and a lollypop.... we continued. oh boy! Can't wait to scrapbook the memory. did we save the locks?...yes! did we take pictures?.... you bet!

jim: very sore after a long day of football at the 3rd annual turkeybowl at church. It was greyson's first football game he had loads of fun and loved watching his daddy play, despite the fact that it was smack dab in the middle of his morning nap. he was a good boy and even managed to catch about an hour nap in the stroller. so precious curled up in his hat,coat,and mittens snuggled under a blanket with of course his doggie.

grover & asher: they're peachy. loving the cooler weather...and anxiously awaiting santa to bring them some new bones in about a month!

house: becoming more and more OURS. our latest project: the mud room bench seat. my wonderful handy husband did an amazing job on it! baby -you know how proud i am of you... and i love it!! woo-hoo!! (i'll post a picture soon)

on my mind: our annual christmas card. making these every year makes me soo happy -gets my creative juices flowing! i'm also thinking of re-organzing stuff. plastic stuff is overflowing in my family room. greyson's toys. jordyn's toys. the toys can be over welming. and since a playroom is not in our near future at the moment... i'm left with ideas whirling in my head about how to get a handle on our toy situation. i want them in greyson's reach -yet in some type of order. with some type of style. with some type of sanity for the mommy here. i'm thinking a big bookshelf. one with big cubes for baskets with sorted toys inside them, and books. lots and lots of books! -i'll keep you posted while the search continues. :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

almost there

from bouncy seats to stair climbing. you are experiencing it all with your buddies.

Today Greyson had Avery and Cameron over for lunch and some playtime (even though he slept through their WHOLE visit)....oh well next time! :) Minutes before Cameron was leaving Greyson decided to wake up, and they had a blast racing each other up the stairs, cam-O clearly won. He was a man on a mission!!

on another note, greyson is eating better and better. He *loves* pork BBQ and whole wheat bread with butter!! Yum!