Saturday, November 26, 2005

in the blink of an eye

One year ago...

and today.... curious, dancing, learning patience, our happy little man. it feels like it was just
yesterday when that picture was taken. my hands "holding" you through my belly. trying to
imagine what your sweet voice would sound like? who that sweet face would look like? all the
while you were safe and protected. i know that someday i will look back on this photo of you at
ten months old, and feel like it was an eternity ago.... or else i will feel like it was just yesterday.
that smile... that personality... that zest for life... for anything that is new. i want to take it all
in... hug you... smile at your silliness... laugh at your antics and ENJOY you as you are right now
-right now in this moment in time. because it really does go by so fast... in the blink of an eye.


Shannon said...

It does go too fast! Today my Jake is 6 and then Zack turns 4 the end of this month and my girl will be 11 in February! I can't belive we will be married 12 years and together 17 this year! Wow!

Chris said...

Those pictures are adorable. He is so precious and your belly was perfect! :)

Anonymous said...

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