Monday, November 16, 2009

school boy, report cards & 14weeks

It's official we have a school boy on our hands! Today Greyson brought home his first "report card" or pre-k developmental assessment. He received lots of A's (for applying). P's are for practicing, E's are for emerging, and N's are for not observed yet. Seems we need to work on staying on task and demonstrating positive self control. I guess we are all a little work in progress! :)

Look how well Greyson is writing his name!

Here is one from July 2008, he was just getting good at it!
From the same day Greyson & Grover... double trouble. I miss hearing Greyson giggle as Grover chased him. Or was it the other way around? :)
And while Greyson was at preschool this morning, Luciana was good to her mama and let me get some cute 14 week pics.
I bought this fringie off etsy back in june, so glad to finally use it for a few photos. It's really cool, one side is shades of blue while the reverse is mostly pinks and purples.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

little turtles

luciana has been doing so well holding her head up lately. so i decided to go back and find a picture of greyson when he started holding his up as well.
it's amazing how she has turned into a "mini greyson" overnight!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

saturaday morning

hope everyones' weekend is off to a good start! jim and i have just been hanging around sipping on coffee and watching that sweet girl give her big brother smiles. of course as soon as the camera comes out, they disappear...... doesn't that always happen?
now that things have slowed down around here, i'm excited to share LOTS of pictures soon from the past two months. i have been slacking. Greyson is loving soccer and school these days, and has learned to tie his shoes all by himself! Luciana is 13 weeks old, has been sleeping in her crib since 10 weeks, wakes twice during the night, and is super close to rolling over and giggling out loud. I will be back later with more photos, we are off to a birthday party and a soccer game. Here is one from Halloween just before we all left for "trunk or treat" at church. Greyson was originally going to be captain hook, but ended up choosing to dress as a knight. Luciana of course was a ladybug!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

This is by far the hardest blog post that I've ever attempted to write. Our beloved Weim, Grover lost his battle with Colon Cancer two nights ago. I wish I could explain the void that has been left in our hearts and in our home. Grovey was our constant companion. Always wanting to be where we were, and go where we were going. He was an insanely smart boy, sometimes too much for his own good. And we thought his beauty was that of no other than we've seen.
Life gave us only seven brief years together, but in those moments we gained memories that will last a lifetime.
For Jim and my first wedding anniversary we decided we wanted to give each other a puppy. So, because we don't usually do things simple like going to the local pet store..... we flew from maryland to philadelphia and then on to San Fransisco. Next we rented a car and drove all night to Brookings, OR to pick out our baby. It was love at first sight!
meeting your new brother asher.....

watching you with Greyson....

I loved these ears....

I loved those eyes......
that look...

that one too.
Yes, i did silly things to you....
because you were *loved* beyond measure
even though you were a mere fifty-five pounds, you fought like a trooper to the very end.
saying goodbye was by far the most difficult thing that I've ever had to do in my entire life.

there will never be another dog that could ever replace the part of my heart that left when you did.