Sunday, July 02, 2006


just reflecting on some summer pictures from last year compared to this year. what a change! jordyn can now write her name, count to 13, will be starting school in three months, and has decided she want pb&j for almost every meal. greyson says more words than i can write down in my journal, counts to 2, says "yes ewe" (aka: bless you) after someone sneezes, knows how to whistle and does it quite well, and sings "Ia-Ia-O" (aka: E-I-E-I-O) from Old McDonalds farm.
Summer 2005 jordyn- 2 1/2 greyson- 5 months
enjoying the blow-up pool on the deck
Summer 2006 jordyn- 3 1/2 greyson- 17 months
enjoying our new pool
greyson and daddy

and look who's on the potty...

i can not believe i just shared my toliet on the internet...... :)