Monday, May 29, 2006

memorial day weekend in pictures

Happy Memorial Day! i hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend. these are a few highlights from our weekend at the beach. i am so glad summer is here, the count down is now on for our pool.... ONE week!!!!!!

enjoying his first ice cream cone. look close... do you see his two top teeth? F I N A L L Y !!!!!!!!

under the boardwalk...

building his first sandcastle

Thursday, May 25, 2006

super huge update

monday afternoon greyson's doctor had us stop by the office for a weight check... we were praying it didn't drop. prayers were answered, he has gone from 18.7 pounds to 20.46 pounds in thirteen days!!! he is now in the 10% for weight!! this is mind blowing!! greyson has never hit the twenty pound mark, until now!! yeah g-man!!
we believe it is a direct result from our new way of meals. greyson gives us his usual five to ten minutes of so-so eating in the high chair. then he wants down. we take him out, give him a 5-10 minute break then for the next twenty minutes he will continue to take more and more bites as long as he is busy playing (anything BUT sitting in the high chair). no, this isn't ideal. yes, this is exhausting and time consuming. restaurants are pretty much out of the question. but the awesome part is: he can do it!! greyson has the ability to gain, with constant attention to every bite he takes in. meal time would be a breeze if we could only sit down, eat, and enjoy. however that isn't reality around here, not even close.
so far, we've had days when i feel that we can conquer this and days where i'm just left drained. we can't have one without the other. the ups and downs of life. as long as you expect the down days every once in a while, it's not so bad. for every over whelming meal i have had, i've had lots more awesome moments. like tonight... he sat in his high chair through most of his entire meal. which by the way, included about 15 bites of peas with melted cheese.
trying to remain strong and taking deep breaths. thanks again for reading and all the support! if you are a regular reader, family, or friends.... don't forgot to leave us a comment, we'd love to hear from you all!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

GOOD news & mother's day

ok, i didn't actually have the news on mother's day but who wouldn't except a belated mother's day gift with news of all test: NORMAL!!!!! i honestly just got off the phone with the doctors office (then daddy) and they relayed the results just now.
i know, it still doesn't answer why he is so little. but, i do feel relief anyway. we will continue with as many calories and extra goodies (butter, cheeses, sauces,etc.) that he will willing except. i say "willing" :) we will still see the GI specialist in july.
i hope everyone had a relaxing delightful mother's day. i did!! after church we met my mom, grandmother, aunt, and cousins for lunch. then headed to the park for some pictures. jim took some awesome ones of us, i just love looking at them all over and over.
thanks for checking in with us, and happy belated mother's day to all you mommys!!!!!!

one, two, threeeeeeee

greyson and his nana having some fun sliding at the park

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

all levels...

came back normal from the blood work!! including his glucose (diabetes was a thought).
the other test results will be back to the doctor in about a week. those will tell us what exactly is or isn't being absorbed by greyson's body. keep praying everybody!!

thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!
jim, tara, & greyson

quick update

hey everybody! this is the "no news yet" update. :) hopefully today after 3:30 pm...... i will be posting again with the first results of his blood work. the good news is we got a call yesterday and our appointment was made with AI duPont Children's Hospital. we will be seeing a GI specialist in july. it sounds like a long time away, but our pediatrician thought we wouldn't get in until september. the thought still being, that greyson's body isn't absorbing any proteins or fats.
greyson, jordyn, and i headed out after lunch to our local library to get a bunch of new books to read... we found the doors locked and a sign stating "the library will be closed until may 15 for renovations". man! so i loaded everybody back into the car and we stopped for a ice cream cone instead. nothing like a soft serve ice cream cone on a warm sunny day!

Sunday, May 07, 2006


i so appreciate all the kind words in the comment section - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

we were really hoping for a call with any results on friday... nothing.
here's looking to a new day tomorrow. mondays can be good that way.
a new week, a fresh start.

all in all, we're doing good. we've had a fun weekend together. just taking it day by day.

and then there is this sweet boy. dreaming away in there curled up with his favorite doggie in his crib.
looking at him i just want to kiss him hug him hold him. i am so thankful he was brought into our lives.

Friday, May 05, 2006


greyson at six months. the old fashion kitchen scale doesn't weigh correctly. at six months, he weighed 14 pounds.

for those that don't know, greyson is underweight. a lot underweight. between 9-10 months greyson started the first downward spiral of losing weight. it was then, his pediatrician started discussing the possibility of testing. but within three months with extreme changes to his diet (adding high calorie/high fat foods) he managed to weigh in just shy of 20 pounds at his next baby well check. success! it seemed as though greyson was finally on the right track and the battle was over. his doctor told us his body was responding, and for now further test were not needed. we were of course, thrilled.
fast forward three months to the present. may 3rd, greyson had his 15 month baby well check. he will actually be 16 months in twelve days. he weighs 18.7 pounds. he is continuing to loose weight. for months he has been in the fifth percentile for weight. currently he isn't even on the chart.
today we started the first round of lab tests.
i don't know what to hope for, what to pray for.
that the tests reveal something?
that they find nothing?
everything seems so overwhelming. confusing. scary.
developmentally he is soaring. normally at this age, he should be saying 3-6 words.... greyson to date says....55.
makes it easy to think maybe he is ok, and that he is just "little". but deep down there is that feeling i'm fighting and wrestling with, because physically he is failing to thrive.
at times like this the internet is a blessing and a curse. so much information, yet too much information. causing a truck load of worry on our shoulders today.