Tuesday, December 20, 2005

first santa visit

our little munchkin, sitting on santa's lap for the first time! -and you know what? he did amazing! we were so proud. no cries, no tears, no faces of horror. he did look up at the jolly dude in red and touch his beard a time or two though. actually, i was glad for more than one reason that greyson didn't cry... it was the end of the night for "santa" and i don't really think he was in the mood for an uncooperative baby. can't you tell by the look on his face? it's saying, come on already, i've got places to go. lol! another thing about our picture, don't you think all that red is a bit of an overkill? thank goodness i didn't dress greyson in a red sweater! all in all, the visit went great. i think our litte g-man told santa that he wanted a rocking horse, and i think that he just might get his wish!!

hey- i'm just thankful that our picture didn't turn out like the one below! isn't that a stitch? :)

have you taken your children to visit santa yet? if so, post a picture on your blog -i'd love to see!!


Chris said...

The picture of Greyson and Santa is so cute and very red!! :) Santa didn't look very happy, but he was probably tired. ;)

Spikey1 said...

The first pic is great BUT the second one is the best! lol

Renee said...

Hi Tara -
thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed looking around yours. Your little boy is precious!

[Mat] said...

ha! that second pic is a killer!

TheMartins said...

How absolutely adorble! Both of them! I am glad greyson had no problems with Santa.

:o) Great memory of is first Christmas! :o)

Kari said...

Came here from Lyndsay's place.

Love the site, your little man is a doll!!! Too cute!

The second Santa pic had me rolling!! LMAO!!

Michelle said...

Hi. I was your link on the Martin's page. I love santa pics. Its always so much fun! And that second pic of yours is hilarious. We did santa pics earlier this month. I have it on my page, but it might be archived already!

Shannon said...

Too cute! We are going tomorrow, kinda late with things this year!

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