Tuesday, March 24, 2009

there's no place like home

I have felt lost not posting daily! Greyson and I went with friends on a ski trip to Utah last week, and I was planning on posting a bunch from our lodge. I did take my laptop, but ended up forgetting my camera and we didn’t have internet service until the third day. Looked like a really beautiful place to ski, although at 5 months pregnant i obviously didn't try out the slopes. I was there to babysit for the kids.
One of greyson’s favorite parts was being able to look out the windows and watch all the skiers coming down the mountain and the ski lifts taking them back up. That was a whole new experience for him! I took a few pics of him outside from my cell, but have to figure out how to upload them to my computer.
Flying back was a complete nightmare. Remind me to never ever fly space available during spring break. What was I thinking? Being an airline employee definitely has its perks, like first class in the 757 going out to Utah –woo hoo!! But on our last flight from Denver to Dulles, it just wasn’t happening. We tried 10 flights and got bumped from them all! We even tried going to Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia. I told you it was a nightmare. I only halfway keep it together, from all my years of experience being a flight attendant. I do miss that job sometimes.
After 14 hours in the Denver airport, we finally made a flight. Want to guess where we ended up for the night? Hello Cleveland, Ohio (greyson’s first trip to Ohio)
This map is in Greyson's room. His big boy room is a travel/airplane theme. We used a giant US map on the wall for art and place a push pin for every new state he has been to. He is up to 14 so far!
Anyway the only worst thing was that we landed at midnight and had to make the 6am departure or we weren’t getting home Sunday either. Didn't make a whole lot of sense to even go to the hotel but, it was only 10 minutes from the airport, and Greyson got to sleep in a bed for a few hours instead of an airport chair. Want to ask me how much I love spring break? Greyson ended up sick with the flu, during our six hour stay in Ohio. Now mama has caught the bug. It’s been a long week.
I will leave you with a photo that I took before we left at 20 weeks pregnant. Hopefully I will post a 21 week photo in the next few days, she is so strong now!


My name is Megan... said...

nice vacay! hope your little gets well soon! you look great!! xoxo

aandpscott said...

So glad you are back! Wish you were having a better week. Hopefully, you will feel better soon. I missed your daily posts.

aandpscott said...

P.S. You look great and I think I have the same dress. lol

Kristen said...

How fun! Isn't the skiing here great? Too bad I don't do it more - I almost feel guilty about it! Next year I'm planning on taking the boys up the canyons to learn. Graham will love it, Greg might freak out! Sorry to hear about the traveling, I used to be a ticket agent for Delta at PDX and everyone would tell me how lucky I was to fly for free. True but it was impossible to ever get on a flight out of there!

You look great, cute belly and cute dress!

Heather said...

I was just getting on to see where you have been! Glad everything is ok and the trip seems like a blast! How fun! You look great, your belly is so cute!

Kendra said...

What a miserable trip home =( Glad you are all safe and sound now!! Hope you get to feeling better soon.
LOVE That picture!!

Heather said...

Just checking on you, and wanted to see if your husband has found anything out yet about his job?

Lauren Kelly said...

Awww, what a nice trip, besides all the travel headaches along the way and you look so CUTE preggers :)

alyssa said...

you look gorgeous!!!