Sunday, April 26, 2009

a week in review in pictures...

last Saturday daddy left for his last trip before the furlough. I had to grab my camera and take a few last shots of daddy in his uniform (looking oh so handsome) with his boy. The boy who can’t get enough of airplanes and superman these days. Guess the two kinda go hand in hand, huh?
Jim has had a few interviews that have gone extremely well. Right now we are just in the waiting (and trusting) stage. We are so thankful and feel extremely blessed for our family and friends during this time. Losing your job 14 weeks before the birth of baby #2 wasn’t quite in our plans. However we rest in knowing that this was always God’s plan A for us.
He has never had a plan B.
He wasn’t shocked by the “April 22nd” furlough date.
and…. He won’t be surprised when another job is granted.
This has been his plan from the beginning.
This has been his plan A all along, and for that we thank him. We thank him for the chance to grow and learn and to strengthen us through this time. I am still anxious as we are traveling down this road, but at peace too.

Before Jim had to fly, we took Greyson to our local zoo. They were having an earth day celebration. Tons of fun was spent jumping in the bounce house, visiting our favorite animal there….hello mr. alligator
and getting our face painted like a lion:
Friday morning we got an amazing 4D view of our baby girl!
I hope this video clip works. If I finally got it right, about 22 seconds in you will see the sleepy girl give us a big yawn! About 38 seconds in, we got a really good view of her face. She looks so much like Greyson did at birth, but where do those lips come from? :) we love 'em!!
And already love her SO much- I can't wait to hold her in my arms. To smell her sweet skin and whisper into her ear how much she is wanted and loved.
(for some reason the video seems to be loading at the bottom of this post-just press play)

Saturday we enjoyed the hot weather at the Salisbury Festival with Nana & Daddy.
and a few rides:
Saturday night Greyson got to spend the night with Nana, he was very excited. Mommy & Daddy were excited too, especially to have an evening out together which included sushi. Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, and crazy rolls We stuffed ourselves silly!!

Today after Jim & I went to church we headed to the beach to meet Greyson & Nana.
So awesome to have the temps in the 90’s and to spend the afternoon relaxing at the ocean.

26 weeks pregnant belly:


Justin and Jenn said...

What a cute pregnant belly! And where on earth did you get that adorable swim suit?

Heather said...

You look great girl!! You are tiny and that bathing suit is adorable!!
Looks like you and your family had a great time at the zoo! So fun!

aandpscott said...

I agree...your belly and that swim suit are very cute. I'm so glad you could post video of Luciana. She does have full lips! We can't wait to meet her in just a few months!

Great picture of your boys! I bet Jim will get good news about one of the jobs he interviewed for soon!

Brittany Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

You have a beautiful family, and you look amazing for being over halfway through your pregnancy. I pray that motherhood will suit me like that!

Caleb and Ace said...

You look amazing!!! I will be praying for the job situation! We just went through the same thing and I know how stressful that is. Something great will come from this...God never lets us down.

Anonymous said...

Great Post and sharing your baby ultrasound, very special! Wishing you and your family the best through the job trial! Take care! Amie

Lauren Kelly said...

What sweet pics, girl.... and seriously, not too many can pull off being adorable preggers, as you do :)

Kendra said...

You are just the most adorable pregnant woman I have ever seen!!!!!

And Tara, I am so impressed with your trust in Jesus. You are so right about His plan A...He is never surprised.
I am praying a GREAT job comes along SOON, and that He continues to bless you with peace while you wait.

Julie said...

Ah thanks...and look at how adorable you are. So jealous that it's warm enough where you're at to wear a cute little swimsuit...Can't wait for the weather to warm up here...not so I can wear a swimsuit though ;~) Yes, It's amazing how fast this flying by!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love all the pictures...and so glad that I found your blog. I enjoyed reading your blog.
I am still new to the land of blog, but so loving reading others stories. Everyone has a story and so many of them are so touching....
Hope you will stop by for a visit.
The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners. I will be blogging from Disney World soon...

Melissa and Sean said...

You look precious girl! Can you believe you are over half way there??? Cannot believe you are sporting such a precious bathing suit 26 weeks pregnant. Congrats to you!!!

alyssa said...

you are stinkin' adorable!!!!!

Dana Bradford said...

Although the belly and prego suit is super cute...that 4D US is the best!! I'm thinkin she looks just like Greyson. What a blessing. I can't wait to meet that sweet thang!!

Heather said...

Girl, where are you?? A month has gone by! How are you doing, how is that baby doing? Hope you can get a chance to update us soon!

alli o said...

hey gal...craig said that your man has been keeping busy...i ran in to him in the all one night at church...he said the same...miss you girl....i have been awful about updating...let me know what is new w/ you!