Wednesday, February 10, 2010

still falling

We are buried in snow here in Maryland and its still falling! Last week school was cancelled (as well as this week too) after we received 9 inches of snow, Friday came the first blizzard which left us with about 15 inches or so. Today we are receiving another 6-12 inches!! This weather is insane and definitely has us yearning for spring!!! Jim hasn’t made it home since last Monday, we are crossing our fingers hoping he makes it home tomorrow.
Last weekend greyson had a blast getting snowed in with nana & boppie!
(picture taken on a much warmer day!)

He was so happy to have some of his very own time visiting.
But, after four days he was really homesick and was missing this girl.

Monday I picked him up and we had a little date together while nana and lulu hung out. We went and saw the tooth fairy. It was really cute, very age appropriate and funny. Greyson gave it a thumbs up!

this was taken at another movie we all went and saw in january, luciana's first!

Speaking of luciana's first...... she had her first taste of rice cereal this weekend. The first attempt was a go! The next three days... not so much. Then yesterday, she decided it wasn't so bad! Tomorrow will be sweet potatoes!!
Not that I have to find a reason each day to miss Grover by any means, but this snow yet again is making me miss my boy so much. He *loved* snowed!! The way he plowed through it without a care in the world, it always reminded me of a giant bunny.
This pic was taken when he was only four months old, this was his very first snowfall, he loved it from the very beginning.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tara! I will email you the steps to getting eyes to pop. It is a work in progress, sometimes it works on the pictures I take and sometimes it doesn't. I am really beginning to hate the snow here. Especially when you have to go out and shovel, not so much fun!!!! I am thankful that is a Brian job when he returns home, two more weeks. I love the picture of Greyson and Luciana together, so precious!!!!! How did she do at the movies? I was wanting to take Aidan to a movie but I just don't know how Drew would do. Thanks for all of the wonderful and sweet comments you gave to me on each of my posts. I will email the eyes information tonight when the boys are asleep for the night. Take care and love all of your pictures and the moments captured. Amie

Lauren Kelly said...

WOW, I can’t imagine that much snow, or any snow for that matter being that I am from Florida. Stay warm!!!!! The pics are precious!!! And hope your hubby makes it home safely :)

Hattie said...

Great pics! I can't believe y'all got all that snow & more to come. Stay safe & warm!

Heather said...

I love these pics Tara! I wish we would get a taste of just a little bit of that snow you are getting. Say like 3-5 inches. It was pouring rain here today and was 36 degrees. Why couldn't it just drop a few more degrees to be snow?! It was miserable to have to get out in! It's beautiful and makes for some great pictures friend!

Melissa said...

WOW! Us Texas girls have never seen that much snow in our lives! Cannot imagine being snowed it. What would we do? HA! Thank goodness you have 2 little ones to keep you busy. I would go crazy! Your kids are as precious as ever. I hope that your husband made it home for a visit!

Nishant said...

Take care and love all of your pictures and the moments captured.

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