Monday, April 17, 2006

greyson's 2nd Easter

hope everyone had a lovely, blessed Easter! friday afternoon greyson had some friends over and we (the mommy's) colored Easter eggs. i love the memories of coloring eggs! saturday we had a super fun morning at church for the yearly Easter egg hunt. there was also pony rides, a bounce house, face painting, a cotton candy machine, and more! sunday morning the easter bunny left greyson a basket and a little tykes sand/water table out on the deck. it was a gorgeous day here in maryland! later that morning we went to church, followed by dinner at my grandparents and we finished the evening grilling out at my dad's. greyson had a little egg hunt on the farm. i think his favorite part was seeing the animals especially the cows and geese.
i just can't believe we just celebrated his second Easter!! where does the time go?

greyson didn't "get" the whole put the eggs in your basket in the beginning of the egg hunt... he was more interested in playing on the playground equipment. finally towards the end, he figured out what was going on!!
the first thing greyson reached for in his basket was the chocolate bunny... that's my boy! :)
Sunday morning after church.

we think because greyson is so use to our 140 lb. great dane, that is why is actually wanted to PET the 900 lb. steer! that boy is fearless with a capital F!!!


Spikey1 said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Cheers.

Jenny said...

I am glad he had a great Easter. He looks so cute.

chesneygirl said...

Fantastic pictures, Tara!!
Glad you had such a nice weekend!

The little hat in the church picture is too much...How ADORABLE!!! :)

I just posted our Easter weekend pictures on my blog this morning. Stop by and check them out! :)

Shannon said...

So sweet! I love the family pic! Mine turned our dark, too. Darn sun!

tara said...

hey shannon! :)
i was bummed that the one of us all
turned out shady... but when i loaded it here, it shows up even darker? any suggestions?
thanks! -tara

Renee said...

Looks like a great Easter. I love Greyson's little hat too!

Beth said...

The pictures are so great. Looks like you guys had a very nice Easter weekend!!!

Heidi said...

Hi Tara! Nice to meet you! I love the colors on your blog it's so jazzy! Greyson is so adorable, what a beautiful family you have! It's so neat we share the same stories - isn't it nice to know there's someone out there to relate to? Thank you for your comment, it helps me out as well! My issue with food lately is getting her to eat vegetables...unless it's hidden in tomato sauce...she LOVES tomato sauce! This way I can add ground beef or chicken too, but that at times can be tricky if it's chicken. It's so touch and go from day to day isn't it? She used to pick at cheese too but she just throws that now. So who knows. I guess I'll just wait and see. I'll try pancakes, maybe she'll like that! Fruit is never a problem....crackers are rarely either. She weighs 20 lbs so I think she's ok for a while.
You have a great dane wow - I've always been interested in that breed. Sam likes animals but I can't wait to take her to a real petting zoo this summer. I'm glad we could find one another, hope to blog again soon Tara!

Michelle said...

Looks like it was a great weekend. I love colored eggs. The family picture is too adorable!

Bek said...

hi, just stopping in from beth's blog. your son is such a cutie. love the easter outfit. i, too, have a son about the same age. anyway, nice to meet you and check out your fun blog. feel free to visit sometime....bek

Ex-playgroup mommy said...

I love love his little outfit! That hat is just too cute! You guys make such a beautiful family!! You look great Tara! I hope you had a great Easter! I wish that we lived closer! Dang!

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Alison said...

Great Pictures! I love the one of you, Jim and Greyson. I can't believe how brave Greyson was with the cow! Big animals like that scare me at times.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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