Friday, April 28, 2006

seven years ago today

jim and i went on our first date. he took me to a baseball game. we had a blast, we chatted and laughed more than we watched the game! such an great first date, with great memories. we have always considered april 28 "our anniversary" even though we were married in october.
here we are years later. still sharing time, gaining knowledge, keeping our love fresh and alive. being together, thankful for all we have and all to come.

ottawa cananda 1999

aruba 2001


K.T. says peace said...

were you married in 1999-I think alot of the blogwomen were,I was.

K.T. says peace said...

oops sorry-But obviously you have been together since then.Thats awesome!I love to see a couple stay together for longer than the average of 2 years,divorce rate is too high right

tara said...

hey k.t.
we were married in 2001, this october will be our FIVE year anniversary!! :)


Renee said...

Great pictures. I love the one of y'all by the airplane. You look so young and in love!

Jenny said...

Love the pictures. You really haven't changed all that much. Your husband has a cute little baby face in the first one but has changed a little in the second one. You two look like a match made in heaven.

Ex-playgroup mommy said...

Oh my are too cute!! You both look so happy! Happy Anniversary.

Heidi said...

AWE! You two are such a beautiful couple! Happy anniversary! Wayne and I were married in 2000 - so this year is our 6th! Really nice pictures...the one by the airplane was taken in Ottawa wow - that's where I live!

Beth said...

What neat pictures...congrats on all the years together!!!

kendra said...

Yeah:) Happy "anniversary"!!!

chesneygirl said...

I love this post, tara!!

My husband I started dating only a few months before you and Jim...October 98.
And we were married only a few months before you....August 01
And we had a baby only a few months before you....late June 04

These are great two are an adorable couple and you both look so happy!! :)

P.S. did you go to Aruba for your honeymoon?

tara said...

thanks everybody for the sweet comments!

chesney- sounds like we were on the same track! ;) the aruba picture wasn't from our honeymoon. we were married on the beach in antiqua and honeymooned there as well. did you go to antiqua too? :)

Christy said...

You are an incredible photographer! I am not that great with the camera but I am trying.

Great blog!

kendra said...

Did you know Chuck and I went to Antigua for our honeymoon?? Cool:)

PresentStorm said...

That is very awesome!!

I pray you have many ,many more years together,and happy :)

You guys are an adorable couple.

Michelle said...

What a cute couple! Happy "unofficial" anniversary! We have one of those too, but its only 3 weeks before our real anniversary!

Alison said...

Jim and Tara,
Happy first date anniversary. Since I know you both I can say you are a wonderful couple and you have a wonderful family. I love seeing pictures from years ago. Thanks for sharing.

mrsmogul said...

Wait, your husbands's a pilot? So is mine!

Shannon said...

I had a similar post like this not to long ago. April 14, 1989 was the day we meet and our first date (blind date, that is!) and we were married July 22, 1994. Fun, huh?!

You two are so cute!!!!!!!!!!

Magnolia Mom said...

Love the pics of yall together! Cute couple

Chris said...

Cute pictures!

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