Sunday, January 03, 2010

baby it's cold outside!

twenty-six degrees tonight to be exact! but this sweet picture of jim reading a bedtime story to both kids (llama llama red pajama) tonight warms me to the core. hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed warm & cozy!


Jessica said...

Oh my! That pic of Luci is too precious!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the reading picture! Greyson loves superman and batman probably as much as Aidan does. The funny thing is I don't he has ever seen them on TV but loves to have clothes and toys of spiderman, superman and batman.

I have been editing in lightroom lately and a little actions in photoshop by rita in coffeeshop website, the actions are free that she has on her website. take care!

Nikki said...

Tara, that storytime picture is soo sweet. Definitely some great memories. :)

I got the Rebel for Christmas...but haven't really taken any pictures yet. Hubbs got photoshop too, so there's tons of new things for me to learn before I can start taking decent pictures and actually know what I'm doing. I'm excited about it though, so hopefully it won't be too hard.

Melissa said...

Tara, that is the cutest photo! What a cherished moment to capture!

khull05 said...

Tara-Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog after seeing Emily in the same Boppy seat!! I'm so glad you let me know. We have not been using the canopy at all, and will definitely not use it now. What a bummer. She loves that seat!

Your family is beautiful!!

Kelly (Toddle On)

Lauren Kelly said...

Too precious for words!!!! :)