Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy Monday!

Here is our little fishy happy as can be and growing out of this bath support. I took this picture a little before bed tonight. She is five months old today, and speaking of growing.....

look how much she has changed from this photo taken at 8 days old. (sniff sniff)
Can I just tell you how excited Greyson was to go back to preschool today? Because it was the first day back since Christmas break? Nope.
Here's a hint.....
See that lunch box? Little dude was excited beyond words that he got to "eat lunch with all my friends". In other words he is an all day preschooler now!! I definitely wasn't ready for him to stay all day in the very beginning of the year. If he went all day everyday, I still wouldn't be ready. But he only attends three days, which leaves two full days for just us! That mama can handle.
When I picked him up, I asked him what his favorite part of his big day was? He answered "taking a rest".
come again?
Yes, that's right! He said a REST!! I can't get him to take a rest here if I promised him candy! :)
All righty then.
On a much more serious note, do you Mommy's out there have one of these infant seats (or know a friend that does)? It's called the Cradle in Comfort Bouncer, a Boppy product (made by KidsII).
If you do, please pass along this frightening story that happened a few days ago to Luciana.
She is very active these days and loves to stand or press upward when her feet touch almost anything. See that center piece on the bottom of the infant seat? She apparently kept pushing her feet on that part, while somehow her chin/neck became stuck on that canopy part. Stuck as in, she couldn't move. The picture above is the only one that I have with her in the seat, it was taken a few months ago when she wasn't as long. She isn't too big/long for the seat, at her 4 month appointment (last month) she was 12 lbs. 3 oz. and is in the 50% for height. I really don't know exactly how it happened, all that matters is that she is safe, and will never use the seat again. The Boppy company was completely wonderful, are sending out a recall AND they are sending us a free "around we go activity station" (that will be available for sale later this month).
We were thankful they were so responsive, excited to get a new toy, but the fact that she could have been terribly hurt (or worse) is better than any plastic toy.
Thank-you for reading and please pass along the dangers of this infant seat. Without the canopy, and of course with a baby strapped in I'm sure the seat would be safe. We just couldn't take the chance.


Brandi said...

That's sooo scary! Glad L is ok. I love Llama Llama Red Pajama... it sooo reminds me of Nate. Your kids are so stinkin' cute!!

Julie said... what a scary experience. Thanks for passing this along. We do have one of these so I will be sure to remove the canopy if I leave the room with her since our little Audrey is quite the active one. If we lived closer, they could squirm around together :) We received a bright starts around we go activity station for Christmas and Audrey loves it. Luciana will love being able to walk around and play.

Anonymous said...

Luciana looks so happy in all of your pictures!!!!! Love seeing them. Thanks for sharing the information. Enjoy your evening and rest of the week. Look forward to many more posts.

Melissa said...

That is very frightening. Thank goodness that she was not injured! Thanks for sharing!

Heidi said...

Happy New Year Tara! Thanks for the comment on my blog...I've been meaning to write a note to you. L is so beautiful, congratulations! What a scary story on the bouncy chair, I'm glad she's okay! Greyson sure is growing - as my Sammy girl! They grow so fast don't they? Sam's in preschool too and loving it. I cannot believe next year is kindergarten!
Many blessings to you and your family for 2010. I'm also sorry to read you lost your beloved Grover. So heart goes to you.


Lauren Kelly said...

Awww, such a big boy!!!

I sooooo hope word gets out about that seat. Awful!!!

Brandi said...

The shirts came from Polkadaisies...she makes all my cutesie things for my kids. I love her!!!

You can find her link on my blog!