Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas morning & resolutions

two of greyson's favorite gifts were his imaginext bat cave and his cowboy boots! the boots were a combination from toy story and wanting to be just like his buddy parker.
he wears them everywhere and with everything! :)
poor luciana has been battling her very first cold. she woke Christmas morning with a fever, somehow managed to open two gifts and spent the remainder of her day in my arms.

Sunday was her Christmas re-do!! She was feeling much better and back to her happy smiley self! She was also wearing her first little Christmas dress that I made! I decided to not go the traditional red/green this year.
Here's Nana (my mom) with her little helpers getting ready to open gifts.

Luciana with one of hers...
2009 was a very mixed year for our family. Losing Grover still hasn't really sunk in on most days. I wish I could say it has gotten easier but the truth is, we miss him just as much today as the night he left our side. The highlight of course came on August 4th as we welcomed the littlest member of our family into the world. Jim and I really needed her birth to focus on as we traveled almost eight long months searching for a job. Two weeks before Christmas the search ended. Jim was offered another position with United Airlines this time not as a pilot, but in management. The adjustment will be that he will be working in Chicago monday thru thursday every week. That's where my new year's resolution comes in....
I'm really going to try hard to take at least one picture everyday and post a little something, so Jim won't miss a single day. Even when he isn't here.

Day one: January 1st, our gingerbread house. Greyson is doing a great job holding up our poor little roof! :) apparently this isn't a project you are suppose to attempt 20 minutes before bedtime. Instead of assembling the house, and *waiting * for the icing to dry..... bedtime was calling so we decorated with as much candy and sprinkles as it could hold and hurried on to bed.
you can guess what was waiting the next morning, a mess! our roof looked as if a big snow storm had hit! oh well, memories were made! :)
Day two: January 2nd, Christmas toys!!!! Greyson gave Luciana this little laugh and learn piggie, which she loves! Although in this picture, she seems to be more interested in the bat helicopter!

Here she is on the tail end of four months. She has discovered her toes and doesn't ever let go!

Hungry Luciana?

Oh the sweetness, I can hardly stand it!
If you have time, leave me a comment and tell me your new year's resolution!


Jessica said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday season! Adorable pics as usual!! Glad to see you will be blogging more!

My big resolution this year is to be a more patient wife. With a Lucy being 1 and Penny coming any day, I have a very short fuse lately :-( Poor hubby! I also want to get really fit (like I was pre-babies!) and stay that way!!

Hope 2010 brings wonderful things for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!!!!! Well I feel like I am in your shoes as well with no husband home during the week. My husband will be taking a job and will be home only on weekends for the post part, about 50% travel.

I am not big a resolutions but I do want to try to be more patient with Aidan and give him more of myself to him. Also to grow more as a photographer. I would love to see myself taking clients in 2010. Thanks for sharing. Amie

Nikki said...

Your children are gorgeous! I love all the pictures and Luci's bows are to die for. She's absolutely adorable <3

I'm also not much into resolutions this year. Something about going into the new year with a "to do" list didn't seem very appealing to me. Instead I'm just resolving to continue on my faith walk, and make more memories with my hubbs and daughter. 2010 will be a great year :)

ps: congrats to your hubby on his new position!! God is the Great Provider and he's leading your family into the new year with lots to look forward to. Congrats again!

Lauren Kelly said...

Your little girl is the most beautiful thing EVER!!!!!! What a great idea and great motive to blog more to keep the pictures coming for your hubby! Happy 2010. Hope it's a wonderful year for you!!

Melissa said...

congrats on the new job! I'm sure the traveling will be hard. Thank goodness for technology so he can see you and the kiddos often. They change in just a couple of days when you do not see them everyday! Happy New Year to you and your sweet family!

Anonymous said...


ztnk i % xx 47

aandpscott said...

Awwww! They are tooo cute!

Frankie aka Naunie said...

Tara your children are beautiful I can not believe how Grayson has grown and your daughter oh so beauiful - I love to read you blog makes me smile - and the recipes I can not wait to try = Frankie