Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another busy week...

just flew by! We started off by a fun birthday party at a little indoor water park. Swimming in February is always a cool thing to do! It really made me long for spring and summer to hurry so we can swim in our own pool.

Greyson got a long overdue hair cut one evening followed by a stop at coldstone for ice cream. YUM! So far "blue and pink" aka: cotton candy & strawberry, are still his favorite flavors. Daddy always orders chocolate and peanut butter, while i usually have the berry berry.

Wednesday Jim and I were the parent helpers at preschool. Greyson's class had a field trip to the post office. Everyone got to mail Valentine Day cards, stamp their own envelopes to cancel
the postage stamp, and the morning was finished off with a ride on the mail cart. It was a very exciting morning!

Tomorrow he celebrates with his first class Valentine's day party. He can't wait to pass out cards to all his friends. Nothing says I really like you like a spiderman valentine. ha!

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