Wednesday, February 04, 2009

two years and seven months?

i have not updated this blog since july 2006. how can that be?
honestly. a day turned into a week, a week turned into a month and so on. i use to love logging on daily to post a few words or a cute picture of greyson for friends and family to see. so here goes nothing. i'm going to try one more time. i really want to update more consistently too.
i love this blog and love the stories & memories that have been preserved here. over the past few days i've read and reread old posts, little things that i had forgotten. some have made me laugh out loud. mostly the ones about greyson have made me shake my head and wonder where the days, where the time has gone.

for those still reading, following, or new to join our little life stories here is a brief update:
we are still here in maryland. jim is still a pilot with united airlines. we pray a furlough isn't in our near future. but, we rest in knowing that God is our refuge & strength and he is our ever present help in trouble. he will get us through any situation this life has in store for us.
Greyson is now four. he is a super happy, and active little soul. lover of all things pirates, cars, swords, soccer, t-ball, spiderman, and the number 5! he has turned into a tremendous eater these days. if we would let him he would eat waffles for every meal and have popcorn at least twice a day! some of his favorite activities include preschool (3 mornings a week), going to the movies, and trips to the library.
last but not least, we made a very special announcement to our friends and family over the thanksgiving and christmas holiday season.......

we are expecting another little blessing this summer!!! we are two days away from 15 weeks pregnant. AND we find out the baby's gender in 16 more days. we are so excited!!!
goodnight! hopefully i'll be back with another post tomorrow. -tara


Heidi said...

WOW Tara, it's so GREAT to have you back!! I'm so glad to hear you are doing well, I was worried there for a while! and all of your good news, congratulations on your new addition this summer, how exciting! And wow has Greyson ever grown up! sniff sniff
Let's catch up soon..what a beautiful family photo!


Shannon said... and glad to have you back - and congrats! i have to honestly say that i've been on myspace and facebook more than blogger but i am still trying to stay with my first love!stay in touch and such a big boy you have, he will be a great big brother!

Chris said...

I am so excited to see this update!! I don't have your email anymore and all I could do was pray that everything was good with you guys. :)
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How exciting.
Our baby boy Brett will be here on the 17th. Please pray for us. :)
Keep in touch! :)

Harris Family said...

Your family is beautiful! Congrats on baby #2! I love the belly pic! We are not finding out if we are having a boy or a girl. It will be a surprise! Only 4 more weeks!!!

allison said...

you know we soooo enjoyed the christmas announcment...i randomly ck your blog so i am glad you are updating...i will need to get your email so i can catch up...xoxo