Thursday, January 05, 2006

future dentist?

greyson received several baby "tools" for Christmas (ie: hammers, a toolbench, etc.) including this drill. for some reason though, he has decided he likes turning on (it only rotates slightly) the drill in his mouth! either his teething is in major overdrive, or we've got a future dentist on our hands! nana will be so proud (my mom is a dental hygienist)

*please pardon the mac & cheese stain on his shirt, we had just finished lunch! the boy *loves* his pasta!!!!

on another note- has anyone else experienced delays when including a picture on their post today? just wondering if i was the only one.


Kari said...

How cute would that picture be if he actually does grow up to be a dentist! OMG you must keep it!

He's so cute!

I haven't loaded any pictures up today so I can't help ya there...sorry.

Renee said...

Well now that he has teeth, he has to work on them, right? ;^)
He's too cute.

Chris said...

How cute! Yaay for dentistry! :)

chesneygirl said...

Grayson is adorable!!
My son got some baby tools for Christmas too.

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