Monday, January 02, 2006


each new year brings about an urge in me to be a better person. deep down, i know it's just another day like any other, but i can't control the desire to make lists, to organize, and to feel that i have a fresh start. i've been making lists. i even took every single one of greyson's books off his shelves (all 148 of them.... gasp!) i jotted down the titles, typed them up in word and printed them out. for what you ask? well, i want to make sure we get to all of them, not skipping a single one. why? because my number one, most important goal (btw-i don't do resolutions, i do goals) for 2006 is to be the best mama to my little gman. to read new stories to him everyday. to expose him to as many new (and familiar) words as his little ears can handle. it's that important.

my other goals

  • to achieve toned arms again
  • scrapbook more often
  • splurge on good coffee every now & again
  • to be a better friend, not just wife to jim
  • to tackle one or two new recipes each week
  • to master my camera (stop relying on auto)
  • for jim & I to do our couples devotions -every night
  • to make my bed everyday [ drywall mom] :)
  • stop procrastinating

what are some of your goals for the new year?


[Mat] said...

Goodluck with those goals and happy new year.

Toned arms are good ;)

Jim said...

I love how you set goals like that :). Love you!

Drywall Mom said...

Tara, I agree with you on the good coffee part. No matter how much I try to think that McDonalds coffee will taste good, it will never happen. Starbucks coffee is my favorite right next to Gloria Jeans Coffee House.

Michelle said...

I'm a big time list maker. List of everything and anything. I think it gives me a bit organization within my disorganization! I need to quite splurging on the good coffee. My 3 year old is way to familiar with the good people at Starbucks!!

Kari said...

I'm a HUGE procratinator!

Good luck with all your goals :)

Spikey1 said...

Wow, we have everyone of those books as well, Birthday Monsters is our fav! Happy 2006!

Chris said...

Great list! I haven't really thought of any goals...just to be a wonderful mom when the time comes. That is all I can think about, when will she come? When will she come?!!! I replied back to you the other day, did you get it? I love the books too, reading to my baby will be a must!! :)

TheMartins said...

That is a great list! I 100% agree with the better mom... I want that too. and a better friend then just wife... me too. :o)

I posted mine last week or the week before ??? slow brain today. but here is the link to my list (if you wanted to read them)

Hope all is going good with you guys!
Talk to you soon. -Lynds

bookwormaddict said...

Hi Tara,
LOVE THE goals post! I like using the term goals much better then resolutions. I also love the pics of your little guy. He's such a cutie! :)
Oh and your couples devotional goal. Awesome.
BTW, where do you go to church if I can ask?
Just wonderin'.
Write soon.
Thaks for posting a comment on my blog:)

ellia said...

wow!! he has alot of books! unfortunate for diego, i own allllll the kids books in the house (:D) that is a wonderful goal you've set!!!! your handsome son will have a wonderful time learning with you!!

chichimama said...

Library Thing. Try Library thing. You can catalogue them all fairly easily.

Thanks for visiting my blog, nice to meet you!

SB is the best too....

Ex-playgroup mommy said...

What are couples devotions?

Anonymous said...

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