Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Storm Douglas Hartman. He made his entrance
into the world last night at 8:10 pm. My friend
kelly and her husband, Greg had their second
child. Mommy & baby are doing wonderful, and
are expected to go home tomorrow morning if
all is well! Big brother Avery couldn't be more
excited. A few moments after his brother was
born, he was able to come and take the first peek
at his new baby brother. The nurse was still
cleaning him and poor Storm still had a lot of
"stuff" around his little mouth. Avery looked down
at his new sibling and declared: "he's good at
blowing bubbles!" Yes, sweetie he sure was!! :)


Spikey1 said...

Awwwwwwww. Damn! :)

Is it May yet???

Renee said...

Too sweet! Everytime I see a newborn, it makes me want another one.

TheMartins said...

How cute! Congrats!!!

Drywall Mom said...

Cute, isn't it funny, no matter what hostpital you are at, they still use the same ugly baby blankets.

When Jocelyne was born, JJ came to see his baby sister and the nurse was cleaning her and she started to cry and JJ shouted at the nurse to leaver her alone but she was making her cry. He is so protective of her.

Chris said...

Aww, welcome to the world precious baby! :) Cute picture! I can't wait...

Shannon said...

Hi! Tagged ya - 5 wierd habits. Have fun! Come over to visit soon!

p.s. Cute kiddos! Love the newborns, now I love them and give them back!

bookwormaddict said...

What gorgeous eyes he has:)

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